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Alex Tomala

I am currently a 3A Computer Science student at the University of Waterloo. On the side, I work on detecting objects through deep learning for Autonomous vehicles. In the past, I have done work in computer architecture design, machine learning, and web applications.

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Computer Stuff



Stands for Microprocessor with Integrated Programmable Execution Units. For this project I designed and implemented a fully functioning microprocessor unit with special additions to it to allow custom instructions to be added. I also wrote an assembler for the ISA. Contact me if you would like to view the ISA or my report.

Won multiple awards at BASEF and a Silver Medal at CWSF (Canada Wide Science Fair)

An Innovative Approach to Multicore Processor Interconnection Networks

Extended previous work done at MIT by physically implementing a theoretical memory architecture onto a FPGA and by simulating it on GEM5. Contact me if you would like to view my report.

Won multiple awards at BASEF, a CWSF Silver Medal, and the CWSF Senior Informatics Award (best grade 11-12 computer project in Canada)

HWCDSB MyPath/MyClass apps

Developed apps to help students of the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board to access their marks and time tables online (MyPath) and access the Boards e-learning system (MyClass)

Other Stuff

I like to do other things then just playing around with computers such as:

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